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TreasuryDirect Payroll

TreasuryDirect payroll savings makes it possible for nearly all employees to make automatic direct deposits toward the purchase of Treasury securities. Voluntary payroll direct deposits give employees the option to have the amount they choose transferred into their TreasuryDirect accounts to purchase electronic securities.


Two options:

  • To purchase savings bonds, Treasury bills, notes, bonds, FRNs, and TIPS by payroll direct deposit, employees must:
    • have an established account in TreasuryDirect.
    • present a direct deposit request to their employer including their TreasuryDirect account number and dollar amount to be deposited.
  • To purchase savings bonds by payroll direct deposit using the newer Payroll Savings Plan, employees must also:
    • create a Payroll Savings Plan in their TreasuryDirect account. BEFORE they request the direct deposit from their pay. See Learn more about the Payroll Savings Plan for more information.
    • add a "P" to the end of their account number when providing it to their employer.

ACH Instructions

Employers establish a direct deposit for the amount requested and deliver the funds to the employee’s TreasuryDirect account just like they would to any bank account.

Delivery instructions:

  • Receiving bank name – TREASURYDIRECT (all caps, no space)
  • ABA/RTN number – 051736158
  • Employee’s TreasuryDirect account number (without hyphens and with or without a "P" suffix, depending on what the employee provides e.g., A123456789 or A123456789P).
  • The TreasuryDirect account can be marked as a type 22 (checking) or 32 (savings). We’ll accept either type.

ACH File Formats

TreasuryDirect will accept these ACH file formats: